MAEER’s MIT appreciates and Awards NCORD’s eHealthSystem for its innovative and unique concept

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NCORD’s eHealthSystem was awarded for “Use of technology to create an Innovative “eHealthSystem”, a unique personalized Health Data Management Tool” Mr. Prakash Loharkar, Managing Director, NCORD Healthcare LLC received the award at the hands of Mr. A.G. Rao, Group Managing Director, Manpower Group, Chief Guest of the function.


The event for the inviting the business Partners by NCORD eHealthSystem receives an overwhelming response


NCORD eHealthSystem organized an event on 12th July 2016, to introduce its unique concept of eHealthSystem and to provide the details of its usefulness for all. It was an event organized for the interested Business Partners to understand the concept. The event was organized at Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru cultural hall, Shivaji nagar in two sessions. Both the sessions received a very good response. The speakers for the function was Dr. Milind Pandey (chief guest) and Dr. Deepak Shikarpur ( renowned IT specialist and mentor). Both of them mentioned the importance of Health awareness today and how its blend with IT will make a difference. Both of them mentioned that NCORD’s eHealthSystem is a perfect blend of these two and will be very beneficial for the people. The concept of the card and its benefits in detail were explained by Mr. Nilesh Kandalgaonkar ( Executive Director, eHealthSystem) and Mr. V. Swami. A number of participants have shown keen interest in the concept.

Dr. Evelyn JS Hovenga, Health expert’s visit to NCORD


eHealthSystem has been given as a complementary gift to eminent personalities.


Mumbai Event – 19th May 2016


eHealthSystem sponsored ‘National Kick-boxing and martial Art’  event at Mumbai and complementary eHealthSystem was given to the dignitaries.

Visit of Chinese officials to discuss about eHealthSystem

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Hainan officials  Ms. Minhua Fan; Mr Mao Zhou; Lintao Jing; Zhenghai Wang  ( From Hainan POLY Pharma company, China) and Dr Makarand Jawadekar; Ms. Qing Yang (from the US) visited Ncord’s office , Pune. Discussion on Ncord’s  activities Lab and eHealthSystem were the major points of discussion.

Shirdi’s MP visits Ncord HealthSystem office


Shri Lokhande, MP of Shirdi, visited Ncord office, Pune to understand the use and benefits of the eHealthSystem and found it to be quite useful for the public.

PMC shows interest in eHealthSystem


Shri Mukari Algude, Deputy Mayor, Pune visited Ncord office to understand and discuss about the unique concept of the eHealthSystem.

Blood Donation camp organized by Ncord


Ncord organized “Blood Donation Camp” as a part of his social initiative.

Silicon Review – NCORD Health Card LLP


First ever eHealthSystem launched in India, by Pune company

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Pune company pioneers in a spearheading innovation

Pune-based NCORD Health Card LLP dispatches its spearheading and diversion changing innovation intended to advantage the human services industry, with the launch of the eHealthSystem, for the first time in India. The eHealthSystem was launched at the hands of honourable Chief Guest Dr Avinash Bhondve, State Vice President IMA, in the presence of Mr. Nilesh Kandalgaonkar Designated Partner NCORD and Dr. Deepak Shikarpur Chief Mentor& IT Expert, NCORD, on 3rd October 2015, at Pride Hotel.

Now, carry your med records online with e-HealthSystem

Soon, carrying bulky medical files will be a thing of the past as city-based NCord Health Card LLP has launched its new service `eHealthSystem’ which will enable patients to access their medical records online straight from their doctor’s cabin.
The product, currently available as a web-based service and on cell phone, can be used by users by paying price ranging between Rs 1800 and Rs 5600, depending upon the features that a consumer subscribes to. The higher priced version will also provide Rs 3 lakh health insurance.

“The eHealthSystem is a cloud-based technology through which one can carry their medical records everywhere with them“, said Nilesh Kandalgaonkar, designated partner, NCord.The user can either upload the medical records by themselves (which will then be sorted by the back-end team of medical transcribers and doctors) or ask their testing laboratories to feed the data directly into the system by logging into the patient IDs, he added.

One of the biggest benefits for patients, according to the company’s website, is that it will reduce the need for repeated tests and treatment. Akshay Narkhede, NCord’s international business analyst & subject matter expert, said, “There are about 5,000 users currently (most acquired during the test phase) and the company hopes to acquire at least 1,00,000 users within a year.“

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City – based NCORD launches eHealthSystem


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Pune company launches eHealthSystem

“With this eHealthSystem, NCORD has taken an initiate to fulfill the vision of prime minister Narendra Modi to reach every niche and corner of Indian cities and villages through technology. eHealthSystem is a cloud-based technology through which one can carry their medical records everywhere with them”, said company’s designated partner Nilesh Kandalgaonkar.

The eHealthSystem digitally stores and secures all medical records and makes them available wherever, and whenever. This results in better care, and timely emergency interventions.

“At NCORD HealthSystem, four years of intensive steadiness, broad and fastidious examination united with visionary arranging, has prepared the NCORD eHealthSystem. With the dispatch of eHealthSystem, NCORD has demonstrated the development use of data innovation in health awareness”, said Kandalgaonkar.

Several recognised researchers and experts traversing the range of negotiators, analysts, and medicinal services industry attended the event highlighting the concept of digital India and its impact in various industries and sectors including healthcare industry and its broad spectrum.

Other experts presented the vision of electronic records in healthcare industry and suggested the various ways and the benefits of eHealthSystem for doctors and medical professionals.

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eHealthSystem: Creating a Global Platform through Gen Next Health Record System



At NCORD, we endeavour to bring personalized healthcare to millions by deploying the latest technological innovations in healthcare, medicine, and science

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